December 24, 2020

Year-In-Review: 2020 Updates to Past Posts

This year, I finally cut myself a break and relaxed on my goal to publish a new blog post, on average, every other day. 

Up until this year, that meant 15 posts a month—or 182 posts a year. 

But I hadn't actually hit that goal since I started writing full-time at the end of 2015. And I was tired of feeling like a failure. 

So I moved the benchmark. 

Besides, as time wears on, I'm spending more and more time updating older posts with new developments—closures, demolitions, renovations, and sometimes even reopenings—and sometimes even additional, updated photos. 

This year, I thought I'd collect all those updates in one end-of-year post to make them easier to access. 

In no particular order, here are this year's updates:

1. Photo Essay: The Last Movie Theatre of Beverly Hills (Updated for 2020)

added pics of the renovated marquee and new vertical sign

2. Photo Essay: Rancho Los Amigos, Abandoned County Poor Farm, Downey (Exterior—Updated for 2020)

an update on the attempt to save several significant buildings from demolition

3. Photo Essay: A Tiny Tuscan Villa Above the Palos Verdes 'Riviera' (Updated for 2020)

an update on the sale of the property

4. Photo Essay: It's Déjà Vu for Hollywood's Most Famous Imperiled Intersection (Updated for 2020)

an update on the seemingly imminent demolition of the former Lytton Savings bank building

5. Photo Essay: Amboy, A Quintessential Ghost Town Along Route 66 (Updated for 2020)

an update on the restored neon sign for Roy's 

6. Photo Essay: Come Gather Round All Ye Islanders at the Catalina Casino (Updated for 2020)

an update on the operations of the movie theatre inside Catalina Casino

7. Photo Essay: Palos Verdes Bowl, Upon Its Imminent Demolition (Updated for 2020, Now Closed)

an update on the closure of Palos Verdes Bowl

8. Photo Essay: The Gamble House, Pasadena (Updated for 2020)

updated with new management info

9. Photo Essay: Farmers and Merchants, the Old Bank with Big Plans (Updated for 2020)

mostly an update of what hasn't happened

10. Photo Essay: Wildflowering at Poppy Peak (Updated for 2020)

added information regarding petition advocating against development

11. Photo Essay: The Ghostly Shadow of the Red Car (Updated for 2020)

updated with new construction information

12. Photo Essay: Joshua Tree's Barker Dam, Closed to Public (Updated for 2020)

updated to reflect reopening

13. Photo Essay: Elvis' Honeymoon History at The House of Tomorrow (Updated for 2020)

updated with info on the sale of the house and the closure of the public tours

14. Found: The Relocated and Reassembled Streetlights of the Dismantled "Vermonica" (Updated for 2020)

updated with new, permanent location of the reassembled Vermonica

15. Photo Essay: Wilshire May Company Building, Miracle Mile (Updated for 2020)

updated status regarding renovations and reopening

16. Photo Essay: Miracle Mile (Updated for 2020)

tweaked some info and added a photo of The Dark Room

17. Photo Essay: Neutra's Lovell Health House and Hollywood Supervillain Lair, Upon Its 90th Anniversary (Updated for 2020)

updated ownership status

18. Another One Bites the Dust: Santa Monica Edition (Updated for 2020)

added new photos and general update of closure and impending demolition

19. Photo Essay: How An East Coaster Helped Turn San Juan Cove Into Dana Point (Updated for 2020)

updated with info on the sinking of The Pilgrim

20. Photo Essay: The Many Lives of LA's Original Farmers Market (Updated for 2020)

added photos of the new rooftop sign that fooled experts into thinking it was neon

21. Photo Essay: Candy Cane Lane, Upon the Centennial of El Segundo (Updated for 2020)

updated with this year's temporary closure information

22. Photo Essay: Upon the 90th Anniversary of the Egyptian Theatre (Updated for 2020—Sold to Netflix)

updated ownership and plans for restoration

I'm hoping there will be nothing torn down, burned down, or closed up in the next 7 days for me to report on—but if there is, I'll amend this post accordingly to include it. 

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