April 24, 2006

For once, my glasses weren't mangled

Barrytown landmark oak tree in the snow

We visited Mike in the Hamlet of Barrytown this weekend. Apparently ever since the post office by the train tracks on the river closed, Barrytown no longer really exists, but Mike refuses to change his postal address to "Red Hook" (not to be confused with the very quickly gentrified Brooklyn neighborhood).

I found the whole place spooky but maybe it was the rain, or the deer, or just the pure age of it all (we're talking Revolutionary War era stuff).

There are also all these crazy churches that have been converted into houses and storefronts, in addition to the churches that are actually still functional.

Had a great dinner in Rhinebeck at Terrapin and came back to Mike's house, stripped down and got in the outdoor hot tub despite the rain and the fear of getting attacked by wild coyotes or a bear. I think Mike's white picket fence kept them away.