December 26, 2022

Year In Review: 2022 Updates to Past Posts

I wish that all this blog was for was to brag about cool stuff I do. 

But I sense a greater purpose in my documenting these places and experiences. It all feels like they'll be gone one day. 

And I feel a duty to report back when they unfortunately do go away. 

It happens more and more every year. 

But thank goodness it's not all bad news. Because sometimes I get to update on a historic place being saved from demolition, rehabilitated, or even reopened. 

I think it's important to keep these entries current with the present condition of the places I've visited. That means sometimes I have to keep going back to check on them. Or to say goodbye. And then share what I've seen (or what can no longer be seen).

So, for the third year in a row, here's a recap of all the updates I made to my Avoiding Regret entries from SoCal and Vegas over the last year—the good, the bad, the ugly, and the complicated.

Closures/Losses/Deaths/Preservation Threats

Chili Bowl 
1. Photo Essay: The Cloistered Nuns of Hollywood and Their Stately Home (Closed—Updated for 2022)
2. Adventures on Pico: From a Chili Bowl to An Oil Well (Updated for 2022)
3. Photo Essay: Palos Verdes Bowl, Upon Its Imminent Demolition (Updated for 2022, Now Demolished)
4. Photo Essay: The Plowed Ruins of a Private Malibu Enclave at Nicholas Canyon Beach (Updated for 2022)
5. Photo Essay: Hammargren Home of Nevada History (Updated for 2022—Permanently Closed)
6. Photo Essay: At Home With Mr. Las Vegas (Updated for 2022, Closed)
7. Photo Essay: Old Trapper's Lodge Statues (Updated for 2022)

Good News/Preservation Victories/Reopenings

Desert Christ Park
circa 2022

1. The Disneyland of Distilleries (Before the Fire) (Updated for 2022)
2. Lost Spirits: The Disneyland of Distilleries (After the Fire) (Updated for 2022—Closed, But Reopening)
3. Photo Essay: Unwanted Christ in a Desert Park (Updated for 2022)
4. Photo Essay: Circumnavigating Meditation Mount, Ojai (Updated for 2022)
5. Photo Essay: The Crumbling Franceschi Estate (Updated for 2022)
6. Who Wants To Buy A Bowling Alley? [Updated for 2022]

Splitting the Difference (a.k.a. You Win Some, You Lose Some)

circa 2022

1. Photo Essay: Elvis' Honeymoon History at The House of Tomorrow (Updated for 2022)
2. Photo Essay: Paramount Iceland, Home of the Zamboni (Updated for 2022)
3. Breathing New Life Into the Eyesores of Downtown LA (Updated for 2022)
4. Photo Essay: The Ghost Town of Cornell and Its Abandoned Lake Enchanto (Updated for 2022)

New Photos/Facts Added

Tam O'Shanter
circa 2022

1. The Tam O'Shanter: The Storybook Inn That Fed Walt Disney (And His Imagination) (Updated for 2022)
2. Photo Essay: Crashing & Bleeding on the Trails at Sage Ranch (Updated for 2022)
3. Another One Bites the Dust: Santa Monica Edition (Updated for 2022)
4. The Haunt on McLaughlin: A Neighborhood Gem Along Halloween Yard Displays (Updated for 2022)
5. Photo Essay: Griffith Park's Holiday Light Train (Updated for 2022)

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