August 22, 2018

Who Wants To Buy A Bowling Alley? [Updated for 2022]

[Update 4/24/22 3:25 PM PT—In 2018, a real estate listing alarmed fans that Montrose Bowl would be sold and demolished for a new development. Owners have maintained that the bowling alley is not for sale. Montrose Bowl is no longer listed for sale and is currently open for special events.]

Montrose Bowl is for sale.

Of course, this tiny, eight-lane bowling alley in the Crescenta Valley has been listed for sale since last November...

...but I only just found out about it this week...

...just over a month after choosing a bowling ball...

...and lacing up a pair of bowling shoes for the first time ever there.

Montrose Bowl had been on my bucket list for a while—especially since the 1930s-era lanes haven't been open to the general public for decades.

In order to get in, I'd have to either throw a private party there myself (which I'd been considering) or be invited to one.

Or, I suppose I could have been fortunate enough to work on one of the many film productions that shoot there (not the least of which have included Teen Wolf and Pleasantville).

But much to my delight, I recently got to attend a friend's birthday party there...

...bowl a game despite some temperamental equipment, keep score manually via an overhead projector, and actually win.

I didn't break 100, but then again, I barely ever break 100. That's not the fault of Montrose Bowl, that's my fault.

I love bowling, but I don't get to do it nearly often enough, so I'm not very good at it (despite having bowling trophies for being on two different winning teams).

It's one of the few things I remember doing with my father as a kid. But those times going to our local bowling alley in Syracuse, New York were so few and far between that I never learned proper technique.

And perhaps I never will.

But if I had $3 million to spare, I might buy Montrose Bowl to try to keep it alive while having my own personal practice space.

Because it's never too late to learn how to do something properly. Especially if it's something you love to do.

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  1. Montorse bowl is NOT for sale. This was a rumor based on a fake post. Please read and share: