December 21, 2021

Year-In-Review: 2021 Updates to Past Posts

It feels like there were more changes to report on this year than in years past. Maybe that's just because I've gone to more places now.

But things have been changing pretty rapidly since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic—and sadly, there have been a lot of closures. 

It's not all bad news, though. Some places have come back to life. And some places have managed to hold on this whole time. 

So you've got them all in one place, here are some updates to my past posts to try to keep them as current as accurate as possible. 

Am I missing anything? Let me know in the comments. 

Closures/Losses/Preservation Threats

2. Photo Essay: Fish Canyon & Creek, Limited Access (Updated for 2021)

3. Photo Essay: Fish Canyon & Creek, Less Crowds (Updated for 2021)

4. Photo Essay: Beware the World's Largest Flowering Plant (Updated for 2021)

5. Photo Essay: Boney Island's Magical Skeleton Crew (Updated for 2021—Closed, Temporarily?)

6. Photo Essay: Transforming the View of LA (Updated for 2021)

7. Photo Essay: California's Last Location of Don the Beachcomber, On Perhaps Its Last Day (Updated for 2021)

8. The Swimming Pool That Transports You From Beverly Hills to Bedford Falls (Updated for 2021)

9. Another One Bites the Dust: Santa Monica Edition (Updated for 2021)

10. Photo Essay: Is This the Most Halloweeny Yard in LA? (Updated for 2021—Closed)

11. Photo Essay: The Most Halloweeny Yard Gets a COVID-19 Update for 2020 (Updated for 2021—Closed)

12. Photo Essay: A Repository of Cures and Quackery, In Times of War and Peace (Closed—Updated for 2021)

13. Photo Essay: Patton State Forensic Mental Hospital for the Criminally Insane (Updated for 2021)

14. Photo Essay: Desert Center Ghost Town (Updated for 2021)

15. Photo Essay: Murphy Ranch in Rustic Canyon (Updated for 2021)

Openings & Re-Openings

1. Photo Essay: James Farley Post Office / Future Moynihan Station (Updated for 2021) 

2. Photo Essay: Union Station's Harvey House Restaurant, Closed to the Public (Updated for 2021) 

3. Photo Essay: Corral Canyon Loop (Updated for 2021)

4. Photo Essay: Upon the Revitalization of the Red-Tagged Rialto Theatre (Updated for 2021)

5. Photo Essay: Catedral de la Fe Flips Back To The State Theatre (Updated for 2021)

New Photos/Facts Added

1. Photo Essay: Old Trapper's Lodge Statues (Updated for 2021)

2. Photo Essay: Barlow Sanitorium, Neglected (Updated for 2021)

3. Photo Essay: Old Town Music Hall (formerly The State Theater), El Segundo (Updated for 2021)

4. Photo Essay: Oakridge, An Old Hollywood Celebrity Ranch (Updated for 2021)

5. Photo Essay: At the Center of A City of Stadiums (Updated for 2021)

6. Photo Essay: Valley Relics Version 2.0, Van Nuys Edition (Updated for 2021)

7. Photo Essay: Borrego Springs Ranch (Closed, Reopened as La Casa del Zorro)—Updated for 2021

8. More Than Apples: Oak Glen's Native Garden

9. Photo Essay: California's First Commercial Oil Well & Abandoned Company Town (Updated for 2021)

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