December 27, 2022

How I Wandered SoCal for KCET in 2022

I haven't often reposted the articles I've written for KCET here—often because much of the content that has gotten published here first has eventually made its way into my KCET guides.

But as time has gone on, I've created more and more original content for my SoCal Wanderer column on In fact, probably more in the year 2022 than in any other years prior.

SoCal Wanderer articles are on a little bit of a hiatus—at least, compared to what they've been—since I was hired to work in-house at KCET in actually a different capacity. They may not resume anytime soon. 

So in the meantime, here's a recap of the articles I did contribute over the past year, in case you missed any of them. Click on the titles to open the articles in a new tab/window.

Six Epic SoCal Hikes for Extended Adventures
5 Must-See Modernist Architecture Destinations in L.A.
7 Weird Buildings Still Serving ‘California Crazy’

The L.A. Cultural Destination You Didn’t Know You Were Missing Out On 
8 Amazing SoCal Gas Stations to Soften the Blow of Fuel Prices
9 Desert Oddities to Explore While You're Visiting the Coachella Valley
Lotusland and More: 6 Gorgeous Spring Gardens to Enjoy in Santa Barbara

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