October 27, 2018

Photo Essay: Is This the Most Halloweeny Yard in LA? (Updated for 2021—Closed)

[Last updated 10/29/21 9:14 PM—The yard is not decorated this year. The house doesn't appear to have been sold, so I'm not sure why. Please do not disturb the residents.]

It's rare when I haven't heard of something Halloweeny in LA.

circa 2019

Most often, if I haven't been to a place, it's already on my map as a reminder to go.

But last weekend a friend shared some photos of a spooky yard display that I'd never visited, seen, or even heard of.

The only problem?

circa 2019

My friend didn't remember where it was, as she'd been introduced to it by someone else.

She had a vague idea of the area—Brentwood, Los Angeles—and that it was so large, it appeared to occupy two lots. (It's really just one.)

circa 2019

An internet search didn't turn up an address, GPS coordinates, or cross streets...

...but it became clear that the kids in the neighborhood knew where it was—and that it was for them.

I decided to try to find it anyway.

I planned on driving up and down every side street north and south of Sunset Boulevard in Brentwood.

circa 2019

I figured it wouldn't be much different than trying to find an unmarked cemetery in the desert.

But either I got lucky or strategized especially well, because all I had to do was make one right turn and drive a couple of blocks* before the Halloween display in question was in my sights.

It did not disappoint.

I suppose if you've got that much space, you'd better fill it up if you're going to decorate at all.

I witnessed some kind of possession or exorcism...

...and expressions of misguided maternal love.

I faced my own mortality.

I wished for finality and closure.

I saw what might me the future for any of us.

And if Hell is occupied by a red demon with candy-corn teeth, I hope I never go there to meet him.

I chose to go during the day not only because it would be easier to find in daylight, but also because I really wanted to see it.

I find everyday life frightening. I didn't need to be scared by the Halloween display.

But in the light of day, it's definitely... disturbing.

And it's masterfully curated.

I expected the Can-Can line of mummies to break out into a song and dance routine.

But some of them didn't look very jubilant...

...despite being accompanied by an enthusiastic pianist.

circa 2019

The thing that scares people the most is the idea of spirits getting loose.

But in reality, if they're here at all, they're trapped.

Even death might not have let them part ways with the things in life they'd rather leave behind.

circa 2019

The spirits are probably more panicked than you.

And if they're smiling through a skull full of teeth—and they're still here—it's probably just for show.

circa 2019

*For the privacy of the homeowners, I am also omitting the exact address. But get off the 405 at Sunset, make a right, and you'll find it. 

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