December 23, 2021

Another Year Of Wandering SoCal for KCET (2021 Edition)

In addition to my work here at Avoiding Regret, I've also been contributing to KCET's website for almost seven years—primarily as the columnist behind its "SoCal Wanderer" blog, but also sometimes writing stories for other sections (like "Lost LA"), too.

This became enormously challenging during pandemic lockdowns. How do you write about travel when you're not allowed to—or are too scared to—go anywhere?

I've had to get really creative since March 2020. 

But I haven't been keeping myself "locked up" too much and have still managed to stay safe. So, I've been passionate about sharing what I've learned with my readers. 

I don't often repost my KCET articles here, often because much of the content that gets published here first eventually makes its way into my KCET guides.

But with the year ending, I thought it worthwhile to round up all my 2021 articles in case you'd like to check them out. 

Here they are in chronological order, starting with February. (The COVID-19 surge was just too bad in January, so we took the month off.)


Where to Explore the Coachella Valley Outdoors (Before It Gets Too Hot)

Five Playful SoCal Beach Escapes 
8 Tips to Exploring SoCal Deserts Without Getting Stuck
Six Easy, Lesser-Known Excursions at Anza-Borrego
Seven Tips to Travel Safely in the Pandemic
Where to Explore the Wonders of the High Desert Beyond Joshua Tree National Park
Where to Find the Most Beautiful Blooming Trees in the L.A. Area
Six Thrilling Wet Hikes to Try Now (and Two to Save for Later)
Where to Explore L.A.'s Most Fascinating Piers, Both Past and Present
Where to Feed Your Wanderlust as SoCal Reopens for Exploration
Where to Explore San Diego Outdoors (And Even Cool Off A Bit)

Where to Find Majestic Redwoods in SoCal
Six Stargazing Hotspots to View This Year's Perseids Meteor Shower
How to See the Most Stunning Meteor Showers in SoCal
Seven Best Places to Visit in and Around Avalon on Catalina Island

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