October 24, 2022

Photo Essay: Dinny & Mr. Rex Are a Pair of Halloween Treats in Cabazon

I'd seen the Cabazon Dinosaurs dressed up for lots of other holidays, like Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter....

...but I hadn't yet seen them in costume for the ultimate dress-up holiday, Halloween. 

That was an advantage of driving from LA to Palm Springs and back a couple of weekends ago, during October...

...when I could exit off the 10 Freeway to witness Dinny sporting his orange-and-black pumpkin...

...and a black crow perched on his neck. 

Peering out from behind Dinny is Mr. Rex, costumed as an All-American superhero... head and hands poking out, clawed feet cloaked in red.

Of course, his two rows of teeth are still gnashing, stark white against a threatening sky.

He always looks as though he's ready to grab you and pull you close. 
But much to my dismay, he's far too tall; and his arms are far too short. 
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