April 17, 2022

Video: Avoiding Regret on TV Talking About Surfridge Ghost Town, Next to LAX

I always really enjoy the opportunity to share my discoveries with a wider audience—and sometimes beyond the written word, like at speaking engagements or via television appearances.

It feels like an opportunity to connect on a more personal level. 

And it gives me an excuse sometimes to return to a favorite spot—like Surfridge

Screenshot: Fox 11 Los Angeles
Last week, I got to go back to this "LAX ghost town" to be interviewed by the award-winning host of Fox 11 IN DEPTH, Hal Eisner. 

To be honest, that interview might've never happened were it not for my friend Pat Pattison, who interviewed me last year for his national Best of California TV show on the CW network.

In case you missed that one, here it is again:

Hopefully, the more awareness that's brought to Surfridge—now known as the "LAX Dunes"—the more we can save the endangered species and other wildlife that have made it their home. 

And maybe we can try to learn from past mistakes. 

In the meantime, I had so much fun shooting both of these segments—and I look forward to doing more like these! 

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