October 26, 2020

The Haunted Car Wash Inside a Tunnel of Terror

I've been wondering why there aren't more themed car washes. Why not make something so mundane as cleaning your car a little more... entertaining

And this Halloween, the Russell Fischer Xpress car wash in Huntington Beach, California stepped up to the plate with its "Tunnel of Terror" Haunted Car Wash. 

I'm never really terrified at haunted attractions. I'm much more scared by real life. 
In fact, I'm downright giddy when I encounter a clown who's maniacally giggling at me. 

I just giggle back. 

And this year, I was just so happy for any Halloween festivities I encountered—especially when I already needed a car wash. 

They laughed at me when they saw me all by myself in my car. But it's too hard to make plans with somebody else these days. 

And I don't need to have kids in tow in order to appreciate a spooky spectacle. 

At this haunted car wash, much of the show actually occurred outside of the bubbly tunnel...
...with scary characters wielding squeegees and beckoning you forth into the darkness. 

After you enter the mouth...

...this car wash doesn't start out much differently than any other car wash.

At least, any other car wash with a good multi-colored light show. 

But then, something begins to emerge into the light at the end of the car wash tunnel...

...a shadowy figure who's been standing there, waiting for you to emerge from the soap and rinse cycle. 

And just as soon as they appear...

...they disappear behind your car to greet the next victim in line. 

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