December 05, 2012

When Pretty Good Is Good Enough

I saw one of my LA actor friends tonight for the first time in what feels like months, since she returned from two weeks in France.

"How are you?" she asked me.

"I'm good!" I said, reciting the same response I've given since moving to LA, no matter how bad things have gotten. I then recanted.

"Well, actually things are terrible, but I feel good about it!" I then explained my job situation - including my new stint in fashion retail - and she merely nodded. Of course, being my Facebook friend and reading my blog, she already knew all about my career, my sister, and more.

"I mean, on paper, my life is terrible," I continued, "But my head is good."

And it's funny, because no matter whether my life has been good or bad, until now, my head has always been bad.

So, in some ways, I feel quite lucky to be in a good headspace, to whatever I owe credit.

I'm not just saving face and putting on a good show for those who inquire.

I'm not feeling the best, but I'm feeling...pretty good. Considering.

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