December 25, 2012

The Mundanity of Meaningful Connections

I need constant stimulation. I seek pleasure and beauty and adventure and romance,
and often encounter one or more of these things in thrilling scenarios in exotic locales.
But I also seek meaning...
in life
in love
in time spent with others.

And sometimes, the most meaningful connections are exciting in the commonest of ways.
Because when you really care about someone
you want to discuss with them the most mundane details of life...
where they went to dinner
what they ate
what they wore
who they saw
how they got there
what they're doing right now
and now
and now
and will be later
and were before.

You want to see their cuts, bruises, burns and bites.
You want to see their new hairstyles.
You want to know everything...
when they sleep
what they weigh
what they're watching
what they're reading
what they're listening to
how they're feeling right now
and now
and now
and were before
and will be later.

And most of all, no matter how much you've hidden in the past,
or how much time you've spent alone, unattended, unnoticed,
you want them to want to know the same about you...
...and you can't wait to tell them.

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