December 19, 2012

Dressing the Part

How many versions of me can there be?
How many times can I transform?
the virgin to the whore
the unemployed to the unemployed
the frumpy-dumpy to the fashionista

Am I ever-changing? Are we all? Will it ever stop?
How can any of us keep up?
How does anyone stay together for a lifetime? How do their two roads not diverge?
And if they do, can they find their way back to each other one day?

Throughout my life, there are those who have liked certain versions of me - sad, wounded Sandi - and rebuked others - party Sandi - and who have since disappeared because, perhaps, they couldn't handle my multiple identities.

But, in some ways, I am the same baby born three weeks late.
I am the same spectacled nursery school student in a painter's smock.
I am still...
abandoned I have always been.

Only now, I have improved fashion sense, palette, palate, aesthetic, ethos, ethic.
Is the pencil skirt-wearing me that different than the gypsy skirt, poodle skirt, prairie skirt-sporting me?

Am I so different long hair blowouts than my shoulder length perms or cropped pixie cuts?
upper lip waxed or unwaxed?
eyebrows tweezed or untamed? 
glasses or contacts?
30 pounds gained or 50 pounds lost?

Am I so different now, really?
Or do I actually change, grow, revert, convert with each new change of clothes?
Am I Cleopatra when I dress like her?

Does the costume dictate the character?

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