December 26, 2012

The One That Got Away

As much as I complain about being alone, the truth is that over the years, I've let a lot of romantic prospects slip through my fingers.

There are those men who didn't know they were gay (yet)...
Those gay men who confessed to thinking twice about their proclivities because of me...
Those straight women who confessed to the same...

The shy
The confused
The worried
The lovelorn
The effusive
The needy
The taken but tempted

Those nice guys who liked me but forgot
or got distracted
or got snatched up by somebody else
or whatever.

Maybe I could've accepted more of their invitations.
Maybe I could've kissed them when they didn't kiss me.
Maybe I could've chased them down better, harder, faster, stronger.

I wonder if any of them are the one that got away.
I wonder if I am, for any of them, the one that got away.

But now, it's too late for me. I've missed my chance. All I can hope for is to catch them the second time around.

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