January 28, 2012

A Year in LA

Yesterday was my one year anniversary of living in LA.

I'm renewing my apartment lease.

I renewed my car registration.

I renewed my renter's and automotive insurance.

And so begins another year in LA.

I guess some people who move here - especially from New York - don't make it this long. I wasn't sure I would, having been up for an HSN hosting gig that would've moved me to Florida less than four months' into my residency here. But when I lost my job, and everyone asked if I would return to New York, I simply said, "Uh, NO...."

Even still, even now, people - from both NY and LA - seem surprised. "Do you miss New York?" they ask.

"I miss my friends terribly," I say. "But I don't miss New York."

"So would you ever consider moving back?"

"Uh, I don't think so."

Will I stay in LA forever? I don't know. Maybe after 14 years alone in LA I will have had enough and will want to move onto another city, another country, another life.

But for right now, I still feel new in town. It took me three years before I felt like NYC was really home. I don't know when I'll feel like I belong in LA, maybe never.

But regardless, it's where I live now, and where I'll live for the next year.

Unless the Universe has other plans for me. And that, I do not yet know.

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