January 03, 2012

Photo Essay: Mr. Brainwash Art Show 2011 Closing Night

A few months ago, word got out that (possibly fake) street artist (and sort of accidental Shepard Fairey protégé) Mr. Brainwash was taking over an abandoned warehouse on LaBrea in LA.

Given my interest in urban exploration and abandoned buildings, I was intrigued.

I managed to catch the last night of the Art Show 2011 this week, on my last night of Christmas vacation. Although I'm usually not apt to photograph art - it's a bit too meta for me - this particular installation was interesting to me because of the elements of abandonment: broken windows, junked appliances, graffitied walls and floors.

But what's more curious is the question as to how much of that already existed in the abandoned warehouse, and how much was inserted into it as "art"?

Was the warehouse previously in pristine condition, only to be junked up for the sake of spectacle?

The installation certainly included some of Mr. Brainwash's calling cards, namely spray paint cans, Warhol-esque celebrity depictions, and rock star portraits composed by broken LPs...

...and one haunting figure of Mickey Mouse.

But what happens to that warehouse now that the art show is over?

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  1. These are the articles you should be writing more of! Great piece for anyone who didn't know about or who couldn't make this art show! So interesting & love the photographs.