January 13, 2012

No Stopping Any Time

Even though LA is slower-paced than New York, I still feel like I'm always rushing.

I still hurry through my breakfast and my shower - taking short-cuts along the way (like not washing my hair) - to get to work on time. I rarely get to work on time.

I still hustle may way through the work day, multi-tasking between dozens of open applications and documents, typing away while on the phone, juggling interns, email attachments, spreadsheets and contracts.

I race through canyons before the sun sets. Sometimes I don't make it and I have to finish in the dark. I don't like the dark very much so I have to hurry more.

I bob and weave my way through traffic, learning short-cuts, bypassing freeways, scooting down alleys, changing lanes and turning right on red just to shave a few minutes off of my journey.

When a night for which I have no plans approaches, I make a plan - even if it's by myself, at the restaurant around the corner.

If I have a plan that ends early, I squeeze in a nightcap.

I'm so much calmer than I was in New York, than I was ever in my life, but as much as I may have slowed down, I'm not stopping. I can't stop.

I can't stay home alone.

I can't stay inside if the sun is shining.

And so I find myself...kind of hoping...for a rainy I can just....


For a day.

Or even just for a minute.

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