January 02, 2012

Upon Starting a New Year

2011 was the year of...

I met someone on New Year's Eve who asked me, "What's your greatest accomplishment of 2011?" and I responded, "Besides moving to LA?"

And I couldn't think of anything else that measured up to moving to LA, though perhaps staying in LA despite losing the job that moved me here, crippling loneliness, debilitating food poisoning, and getting rushed to the emergency room.

Flying a plane?
Driving a racecar?
Getting published?
Getting cast?


Just moving here and settling in was scary and difficult enough. And enough to be proud of. Enough to be most proud of.

Hopefully 2012 won't be monopolized by being new in town. Hopefully I'll find some new friends. Hopefully I'll solidify some of the friendships I've already started. Hopefully I'll take pride in something greater than just relocation and survival.

Hopefully this city will start to love me back.

Hopefully somebody will love me back.

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