July 12, 2011

Photo Essay: Trebek Open Space

I've been stuck in an office all day for the last month and a half, shades drawn, air conditioning cranked up beyond my internal thermostat's desire.

I've been dying to get outside.

Today I decided to try to get a quick hike in as soon as I could flee the office and call it a day. Most of my favorite hiking sites and unhiked trails are too far to maximize daylight. At 6:00, or worse yet 6:45 p.m., I'm in a race against time before the sun goes down.

As though I'm not already in enough of a race against time, in general.

Trebek Open Space is a slice of a canyon butted up against the more popular, severely more eroded, and seriously overplayed Runyon Canyon. After crawling up a narrow, winding canyon road that borders it to the west, dusk setting in, I finally found its northernmost trailhead, having mistaken one high voltage area for it, and having passed the southernmost one, unrecognized.

Sometimes, you just want to soak up some sun. See the city you live in from above. Let dogs run up to you and sniff you. Crunch along a trail, leaving your mark amongst the tracks of sneaker, bike and paw.

It wasn't long; it wasn't far; it wasn't strenuous. But I skipped along a solitary path under the rising moon and the setting sun, and it was just what I needed.

This was my happy hour.

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