July 15, 2011

Photo Essay: Eagle Mining Company's Underground Tunnels

I'd been to the quaint, mountain town of Julian - best known for its apple harvest, and resulting apple pies - once before in the fall, and previously charmed by it, I decided to drive through it again on my way out of Anza-Borrego.

There's not much to do or see in Julian, besides some underdog wine country tasting (which I love), but there was one bit of sightseeing that I hadn't done, that's right up my alley: underground tunnels.

Julian once was a hotbed of goldmining activity. Although nothing is really mined anymore - and it was never as active a goldmining area as its more northern counterparts - there are still plenty of old tunnels to go exploring through.

Poorly lit and ill-footed, the tunnels are ripe for disaster, which makes them delicious to navigate.

Eagle Mining Company - whose headquarters requires a drive up a steep dirt road that made me a little more than nervous - provides access to the multiple levels of Eagle Mine and High Peak Mine (both 1870).

It's pretty creeptastic.

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1 comment:

  1. I loved the tour and the history involved. Nothing creepy about it. It is worth the drive! Barb H