July 25, 2011

Photo Essay: The Coca-Cola Ship

When I moved into my art deco apartment, my interest in art deco architecture got reignited, or perhaps, kick-started. I Googled "Art Deco" "Los Angeles" and found the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles, a motley crew of Angelenos who like to drink, dance, and dress in period costume.

I haven't been sure whether I really fit in with them, but I've enjoyed a walking tour of the Miracle Mile and one of their Cocktails in Historic Places events. Enough anyway.

But when I saw that they were giving access to the inside of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company's remarkable streamline moderne cruise ship facility in Downtown LA for members only, I had to join.

I forgot to wear my sailor outfit, or my red and white polka dot dress. Everyone else wore theirs.

Unfortunately the day of our visit, there was no actual bottling to be seen, but it was a kick to discover that the portholes and rivets didn't stop just with the wrapped outside of the building.

It was about as cola-y as I could imagine, everything decked out in red and white, replete with Coca-Cola branded gift bags featuring Coca-Cola branded gifts, washed down with bottles of Coca-Cola (though, unfortunately, no Diet Coke).

Who would know such an architectural historical monument would be in Los Angeles, and not, say, the Midwest? Who would even know what it was when they drove by? What is this building doing in the middle of the 'hood?

You have to see it to believe it.

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