May 31, 2011

Unemployed Conversations: Answering the Phone

Last night, an incoming call registered on my phone from an Unknown number.

"Hello this is Sandi..." I answered.

"Hey," said my friend, whose voice I recognized. "Were you expecting it to be work or something? On a holiday?"

"Well," I said, a little embarrassed. "You never could have been anything."


"I guess it's just my way of pretending something might actually happen in my life."

But, even on Memorial Day, an Unknown caller really could have been anyone:

  • the adjuster on my car insurance claim
  • the casting director from my HSN audition
  • the New York State unemployment rep who promised me federal emergency funds
  • any number of recruiters, potential clients, future employers and past business contacts who don't take such holidays off
  • the man of my dreams
When I first got a cell phone, I never answered it if I didn't know who was calling, for fear it was a telemarketer, drunken encounter, or needy business contact intruding on my weekend.

Ever since I got rid of my home phone and have relied solely on a mobile device (especially with one less bell to answer with the loss of my job and desk and office phone), I fumble desperately to reach my phone whilst driving, sleeping, or eating

I always answer the phone in the same manner, if I don't know who it is: "Hello, this is Sandi."

There's an upturn in my voice, almost a question - "Hello, this is Sandi, who is this?" - almost an expectation, an anticipation of who or what might be entering my life in that moment.

I have no reason to believe that those incoming calls aren't something. 

They might be opportunity calling.

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