May 01, 2011

Settling In

I feel like I've had an endless To-Do List ever since I realized I was moving to LA.

I somehow managed to get all the packing and moving done, but the unpacking and moving-in has taken me a bit longer.

My first few days (ok, weeks) in LA were monopolized by car-shopping, Target-visiting, errand-running, bartender-flirting and furniture-assembling, most of which have thankfully subsided.

But as much furniture as I've bought (making up for everything I threw out or gave away in New York), now comes the real settling in:

  • I applied for my California state driver's license, and registered to vote.
  • I am finally getting my annual exam with a Santa Monica doctor after nearly two years without healthcare.
  • I got new headshots done, the first that show me 45 pounds lighter.
  • I've started driving without the aid of my GPS. Some of the time.

People keep asking me where I'm from, and I only respond, "I just moved from New York three months ago." I don't feel like I'm from New York. I don't feel like I'm from Syracuse. And when I travel now, when people ask me where I'm from, I say, "L.A."

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