May 31, 2011

Open Letter to My Readers

To those who are reading this now,
and to those who have ever read my blog:

I know that all of you don't like all of my blog posts all of the time.

I know that some of you actively dislike some of them but read them anyway.

I know that not all of my blog posts are always nice, pleasant, affable, upbeat, optimistic, humble, cordial, or obedient.

But they are always honest, raw, personal, and true to my mission of seizing every opportunity to live, love, laugh, hurt, feel without limits.

Although Avoiding Regret is a creative outlet and passion project (as well as somewhat of a mantra), the rest of life's endeavors don't always turn out exactly how I'd planned, so I've begun accepting donations to keep it - and myself - going.

If you enjoy what I write, and support what I do, please consider donating a dollar or two.

(Click on the "Support" button in the top right sidebar of any page on

Yours in adventure, exploration and romance,

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