June 01, 2011

Photo Essay: Griffith Park's Beacon Hill Loop

This week I had the chance to explore the easternmost boundary of Griffith Park, which overlooks neighboring Glendale and Eagle Rock, as well as the 5 freeway and the Los Angeles River (most notably, the Glendale Narrows soft-bottom section).

It wouldn't be the most interesting hike for most people, especially a Griffith Park novice or first-time visitor: Beacon Hill itself isn't much of anything, and appears early in the hike without the beacon from which it once derived its name.

Beacon Hill

But the loop trail around it was actually quite interesting to me, a budding expert on Griffith Park.

There's a lot of damage still from the 2007 fires...

...with some trees taking on wacky intertwinements and various oddball shapes... well as relatively healthy-looking stumps and logs scattered about the cliffside.

Manmade structures - pipes, ladders and the like -

are interspersed with the interesting, striated geologic formations I hadn't seen elsewhere in the park...

...and a golf academy / driving range.

Some hikes have a lot to see, and some just provide a great vantage point from which to see other places.

One isn't better than the other, they're just different.

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