July 07, 2010

Treading New Ground

By the start of my second week in LA, I'd started to feel like maybe I shouldn't be here. Maybe I was fooling myself into thinking I could actually find a job here, move here, and make a life here (in that order).

But I can't find a job in New York City, either. The only difference is, my stuff is already there.

Yesterday I had some time in between meetings, so once again I headed to Griffith Park. I'm a completionist, and now that I'd climbed Mount Lee to the Hollywood Sign, I still had to climb all the way to the top of Mount Hollywood, a trail we'd started when we first hiked to Griffith Observatory last March. We'd stopped before we reached the line of palm trees that we kept climbing towards.

Instead of retreading the same ground as our first visit, I entered the trail by the Bird Sanctuary - which appears to be closed - and ended up behind and above that line of palm trees, intersecting with the Mount Hollywood trail.

Somehow, with the sun finally breaking through in the late afternoon, and the cool breeze whipping through my ponytail, my anxiety passed, my self-doubt subsided, and I smiled down on the city I've been intermittently calling home for the past few months.

I have an offer to return to LA and stay in a friend's house for a couple of months while he works abroad. A couple of days ago, I would have thought twice about the offer. But the timing coincides with the end of my Manhattan lease, and I need to live somewhere in September. It might as well be LA. I still have so much to do here...

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