July 12, 2010

The Things That Only NYC Can Give Me

It's hardest returning to New York after some time away. Reacclimating feels like torture.

But there are some things that I miss about New York, and that I'm happy to return to - things that help me feel complacent when I've been there for a while and don't feel like leaving again:
  • pizza by the slice, good pretty much wherever you get it
  • good tasting tap water
  • bridges
  • bodegas
  • good friends, most notably the other two-thirds of Tres Equis XXX
  • good theater, downtown to Broadway (including my Naked Angels weekly reading series, which unfortunately is on hiatus til the fall)
  • Coney Island and the best ever bumper car ride, the El Dorado
  • Flushing Meadows Corona Park and its World's Fair '64/65 relics
  • walking (not up a mountain)
  • rooftops
  • taxis
  • brunches
I wish there was more to come back to. I wish I didn't feel so lonely in my empty apartment, without a kitten meowing at me and watching me shower, nuzzling in the crook of my leg under the covers all night long.

But I'm here now for a while, at least until my lease expires at the end of August. I might as well make the most of it while I can.

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