June 25, 2010

Back to LA

I'm headed back to LA tomorrow.

People keep asking me, "Do you like LA?" and I say, "Well, I like California..."

Inevitably, the reply is, "Well, that's different."

But still, how could I turn down the chance to return to Southern California to housesit for yet another friend, this one in a totally different part of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area that I have yet to fully explore? So far east - past Downtown LA - that it might actually be a bit...not like LA at all?

My trips to California this year keep getting longer: the first one in March clocking in at about a week, my last one in May about 10 days, and this one just about two weeks, only three weeks after having returned from the last trip. Still, it's nothing compared to the month I spent in Joshua Tree last summer at this time. And that month was nothing compared to when and if I actually move to the west coast.

What will I do in two weeks' time? Connect and reconnect. Look for work. Hike. Photograph. Write. Drive. And take care of a friend's newborn kitty that likes to get itself into trouble.

What more can I expect?

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