June 10, 2010

Almost There

I am 19 weeks into my membership at Weight Watchers.

I am 28.5 lbs down.

My initial goal was to lose 30 lbs, the weight I was able to shed in 2003 in preparation for my high school reunion that no one attended. (I actually lost 33 lbs.)

But now that I'm close to that goal, and I realize that the published BMI index of healthy weight for my height is actually more than 10 lbs lower than that initial goal, I wonder how far I can go.

It feels good to be good at something, to succeed.

So why not keep on, keepin' on?

I feel harder, better, faster, stronger, and that I could do this forever. It's not about being skinny. I don't think I'll ever be skinny.

That which doesn't kill me can only make me stronger.

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