December 24, 2018

Photo Essay: Top Posts of 2018

I always tell people that I write because I must.

I try not to write what I think other people will like; I just have to get out whatever's inside of me.

It's a bonus when people are interested in it and do like it.

So while I don't judge my success as a writer by the number of hits I get or whether anyone clicks on the ads, it is nice to know when what I've created is appreciated by others.

I am not my traffic, but my traffic is not meaningless.

That's why I've been presenting these "Top Posts" at the end of every year since 2012.

Besides, if you missed any, now's a good time to catch up on some of the ones that other people have liked. And if you're just joining me, this is a good place to start.

Bonne Année and all that jazz.

1. Photo Essay: Riding a Ghost Train and Bunking Up In a Caboose (Or, This Is What A Traincation Is All About)

2. Photo Essay: A Tale of Two Ghost Towns in Daggett, CA

3. Who Wants To Buy A Bowling Alley?

4. Photo Essay: The Creepiest Street in LA, With Zombie Houses and A Witches' Lair

5. Photo Essay: Seeing the Forest from the Cars

6. The Oldest Bob's Big Boy, And Its Nearby Adoptive Brother

7. Photo Essay: Clown Motel, Gateway to the Haunted Miners' Cemetery

8. Photo Essay: Catedral de la Fe Flips Back To The State Theatre

9. Preservation Means Saving the Stories Beyond the Siding

10. Photo Essay: The Visiting Tall Ship of the Mexican Navy (Armada de México)

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