October 20, 2018

Trick or Treat, Insect Edition

I'd met some movie-star animals before, but not like these.

These were celebrity arachnids and arthropods—and what better time would there be to meet them than two weekends before Halloween?

We were introduced to these insects of the big and small screen by animal handler and horror movie actress Diana Terranova...

...who's probably more comfortable with a scorpion perched on her mouth than without.

I went for the mantis instead, and kept it away from my face.

That emboldened me to take a tomato hornworm in my hand, which seemed far less sinister than the hawk moth it would eventually turn into.

And although Diana tried to convince us that the orb-weaver spider would spin a web just like Charlotte's...

...I let someone else see if they could coax a silky spiral out of the spider's butt.

Happy Halloween!

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