October 28, 2018

Photo Essay: Happy Bah-lloween with Goats in Costume

I kind of thought I was done with goat yoga. After all, it's been just an excuse to make friends with goats. I don't actually do much yoga while I'm there.

But it's Halloween, and Lavenderwood Yoga in Thousand Oaks was hosting a yoga session featuring baby goats in costume.

My hand was forced.

Given the time of year, the goats' pheromones were going crazy, so they were rubbing their heads on everything.

They weren't just head-butting (or butt-butting).

They were rubbing and pushing and getting all up in there—bonus points if you gave them a good firm petting where their horns should be.

It was the first class of the day, so the goats started out rambunctious but eventually calmed down in warm sun bliss.

Some of the goats were true babies—the youngest was three months old—but some were coming into their womanhood, already breeding or ready to be bred (which can start as young as eight months old).

At Lavenderwood, the goats aren't bred to have babies for sale—the breeding is to select the best genetic characteristics to make them good show goats.

They also serve as a 4H project for young girls interested in agriculture and animal husbandry.

They're some of the best behaved goats I've met.

Among the costumes were a witch...

...a lumberjack...

...and a king.

Photo by Cat Lukaszewski

My favorite one was dressed up as a jailbird—but in the end, I was a prisoner of her love. She snuggled my neck and I whispered sweet nothings into her ear. She leaned into every kiss.

What a treat.

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