July 03, 2018

On the Air

A little over a year after being inducted as a member of The Los Angeles Breakfast Club, I'm tickled pink to be interviewed in an episode of our group's monthly podcast.

In our conversation, my friend and fellow LABC board member Phil Leirness braved a number of hot topics -- many of which I've addressed here in written form, but without the dulcet tones of my speaking voice and my exuberant cackling in the background.

Hot topics include my sheltered childhood, my love of French toast, my former career in the music industry, my winning turn on the game show Name That Video, writing, Guiding Light, and of course what "avoiding regret" means to me.

I encourage you to listen to the entire episode if you're interested in LA's strangest social club -- one that turned 93 years young this year -- but if you want to skip right to my interview, you can find it around the 35-minute mark on the player below.

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