July 11, 2018

Miracle on Wilshire Boulevard: From Growing Beans to Counting Beans (from PBSSoCal)

I was honored when PBS SoCal asked me to opine on what makes Wilshire Boulevard—one of its "10 Streets That Changed America"—so remarkable.

I was torn between the Art Deco theatres (including the Hollywood temple that's essentially a theatre) and the Art Deco department stores, but ultimately, I chose the latter.

And that's how I learned that the first dedicated left-turn lane in the U.S. was created on Wilshire to make it easier for motorists to pull off the road and spend some money.

To find out more of what makes Wilshire Boulevard "miraculous," read the blog post here or click the screenshot below.

Highlights include:

Bullocks Wilshire (now Southwestern Law School)

The May Company (soon to be the Academy Museum)


Seibu/Orbach's Department Store (now the Petersen Automotive Museum)

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