July 12, 2012

Photo Essay: The Stahl House, from Dusk to Night

This week, almost entirely released from my professional duties, I finally got to visit Pierre Koenig's Stahl House - prior attempts having been thwarted by the fact that you could not go alone, and now that you can go alone, you have to pay the equivalent of admission for two.

If I was ever going to go, I had to find a date. Miraculously, I eventually found one, and an architecture buff to boot (though also a friend of a friend whom I'd never met).

When I got there, I was so excited, I took a constant stream of photos, from dusk to twilight to night. And nearly all of them turned out great.

So I'll show as many as I can here, knowing that there are plenty of other iconic photos of The Stahl House - not the least of which by famous architectural photographer Julius Shulman - with whom I cannot compete.

But maybe I saw a glimpse of something no one else has seen. Or maybe I was able to capture it in an exact moment of light exposure or reflection which no one else has quite yet been able to accomplish.

Or maybe my photos are exact duplicates - or, worse yet, lesser copies - of the canon of Stahl House images, but they are mine, taken with my camera, seen with my eyes.

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