July 22, 2012

Photo Essay: City Hall at Sunset (Updated for 2017)

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During the summer, the Los Angeles Conservancy (of which I am a proud member) hosts weekly "sunset" tours of various Downtown LA attractions on Wednesday nights.

Circa 2017

Although the Summer Wednesday tours are actually shorter in duration than the regular Saturday morning tours, there is one destination only available on Wednesday nights: City Hall.

Circa 2017

Municipal buildings always interest me, partially because of their restricted entry policies, but also because they don't often receive a lot of attention when it comes to preservation and restoration.

Third floor rotunda, ceiling

Built in 1928, City Hall's grandiose hallways - including the rotunda with its ornate ceiling and tremendous chandelier - are awe-inspiring, and in great condition.

You can even walk to the upstairs balcony to get a closer view.

What a rare treat to be able to walk around a city government building like City Hall...

Spring Street entrance, interior architectural crown jewel of historic Downtown LA... a civilian...

Corridor night.

East Lobby, Third Floor

Its Grecian and Romanesque design elements keep the eyes cast upwards.

circa 2018

Take the elevator to move the entire body up to the 26th floor, and then walk up one more flight to get to the top for an even bigger treat...

John Ferraro Council Chamber, Room 340

...visiting the observation deck that wraps around the entire 27th floor of the building...

Window latch, 27th floor observation deck views not only of the Downtown skyline...

27th floor observation deck

...but also the Magic Hour sunlight reflecting off the mountains in the distance.

Bell, 27th floor observation deck

Sometimes I like to visit a place during both day and night...

27th floor observation deck

...since changes in light make such a difference on how you view anything (a building, a trail, whatever)...

27th floor observation deck, facing northeast

...but I can't imagine a better time to see LA's City Hall,..

Spring Street entrance forecourt

...or see LA from City Hall.

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