September 16, 2008

The Things I Left Behind

I packed for my 11-day Morocco trip for a month, piling things on my couch as I thought of them, and still I forgot deodorant and had to go buy Fa wet roll-on.

I waited til the last minute a bit more for this 8-day trip, and I seem to have forgotten some of the most important things:

  • sunglasses - understandably because I fly with my regular glasses on, so I actually have to pack the sunglasses rather than putting them on my head like I do every other day. I had to buy a new pair at the airport, marking the first time I've actually bought sunglasses. I think ever.

  • jewelry - I don't wear much, but I feel pretty naked without even a pair of earrings.

  • USB cable for my camera - forcing me to blog with only my camera phone pics

  • stuffed piggie - I promised myself I'd bring a stuffed animal to keep me company on this trip, since Los Angeles can be so lonely and hotel pillows are never quite comforting enough. Now I'm in a king-sized bed with a zebra-print bedspread with about a million sub-par pillows and, of course, waking up earlier than my alarm.

What gets me is that I'd actually forgotten food for the plane in my fridge and made my driver go back for it (for fear of eating 4 bags of Munchie Mix during the course of the flight). So even after a second consideration, I couldn't remember to bring any of these things.

Fortunately I travel light, never checking baggage (even internationally), and I can survive without or replace pretty much anything. But I just hate that nagging feeling of having left something behind...

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