September 23, 2008

I Want to Dress Like Steve Stevens for Halloween

Last week I saw Billy Idol again in concert, this time at House of Blues on Sunset in West Hollywood, which was transformed into "House of Billy" for a sold-out, three night stint.

Despite my negative experience with the crowd, the show was predictably good.

Billy seemed a little off, though. He didn't chat very much.

That made Steve Stevens the real star of the show.

I was standing so close to the edge of the stage that I could practically light his cigarette.

The set list was basically the same as at the Hammerstein show, but we actually got to hear his version of "LA Woman" in LA - not changed to "New York Woman" the way I normally hear it. The geographic lyric change didn't work quite so well for "Hot in the City," which is normally sung as "Hot in New York City tonight...(Tonight!)" but doesn't have the same lyricism when it's changed to "Hot in Los Angeles." Billy tried one more time with "Hot in L.A." but it just didn't work.

Steve Stevens is from New York City and Billy lived there for a while, so although the whole kind of spiky hair, leather pants, glam metal thing should have felt at home on the Sunset Strip, it felt a little forced. Still, I would buy Billy Idol concert tickets for pretty much any show that I was in town for, no matter where it was. During the House of Blues show, I actually thought to myself, "Gee, I'd like to see Billy Idol in concert everynight," and then I figured the only way I could do that would be to sing much-needed backup vocals for him out on tour. I would do it for free if only I could get my travel, food and accommodations taken care of. What would I need a salary for?

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