September 23, 2008

Not So New, Back on the Block

Working in children's entertainment and not having any kids, I often use the line that I'm "very in touch with my inner nine-year-old," explaining why I can market music to kids today.

I always see a lot of nostalgic concerts during the summer, but tonight's New Kids on the Block show at IZOD took me back 20 years to my boy band-obsessed, pubescent self. And it was one of the most entertaining shows I've seen.

The new album is really good and they opened with their new track "Single," in which they promise that they'll be my boyfriend, and I believe them.

We could feel the palpable excitement in the air, and we were deafened by the shrieks of 20,000 women.

Jordan Knight is still really hot. In fact, they all look (and sound!) pretty good. And still dance!

At one point, they disappeared off the stage and ran down the aisle right in front of us to make their way to a rotating dias in the center of the audience, where we could very clearly see them performing in the round.

They made lots of costume changes and sang all the hits you could think of, including "I'll Be Loving You Forever" (left) and their first comeback hit, "Summertime" (right). At one point, Jordan was standing at the top of the stage with his white shirt blowing open in the wind, and I regressed back to my 13 year old self and felt guilty for looking at him. It was too hot.

There were great effects too: video, graphics, smoke, and even pyrotechnics!

Remember the episode of VH1's "Bands Reunited" when they tried to get NKOTB back together, to no avail?

Thank God they changed their minds.

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