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  1. Photo Essay: Rancho Los Amigos, Abandoned County Poor Farm, Downey (Exterior)
  2. Photo Essay: George Air Force Base, Abandoned & Consumed
  3. Furnishing an Art Deco Apartment on a Dorm Room Budget
  4. Not What I Moved to California For
  5. Photo Essay: Surfridge, LAX's Beachside Ghost Town, Part One
  6. Photo Essay: Inside Greystone Mansion
  7. Photo Essay: Hughes Aircraft Company Campus
  8. The Hudson River's Only Castle on an Island
  9. Photo Essay: The Rock Art of Dunsmore Park, Former Home of Mt. Lukens Sanitarium
  10. Photo Essay: Lanterman Developmental Center, Pomona, Haunted & Closing
  11. Photo Essay: Santa's Village Theme Park, Abandoned
  12. The Forbidden Haunted Mansion of Spadra Ghost Town
  13. Photo Essay: Verdugo Hills Cemetery - Deteriorated, Vandalized, and Washed Away
  14. Inside the Belly: Steinway & Sons Piano Factory Tour
  15. Photo Essay: San Pedro's Sunken City
  16. Photo Essay: Low Tide at Dead Horse Bay
  17. Photo Essay: The Wall of Toys at the Garden of Oz
  18. Photo Essay: The View from a Famous Mapmaker's Estate
  19. Nevada Test Site: A Matter of National Security
  20. Open Letter to My Future Roommate
*updated January 2015

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