September 03, 2015

Photo Essay: The Iconic Hotel Normandie

My latest article for the LA Tourism Board's website is a profile of the iconic Hotel Normandie...

...which I'd been curious about but hadn't had the chance to explore on my own.

This gave me the perfect excuse to pay a visit to the 1926 building designed by Walker & Eisen (also known for The Fine Arts Building and The Oviatt Building).

Actually, I had been there once before, to try a famous Cassell's burger.

But I hadn't yet had the chance to go upstairs...

...peer down the stairwell...

...or climb up to the roof...

...for a good look at that iconic neon sign, original to the building and faithfully restored.

Of course, my daytime trip precluded me from imbibing at its cocktail hotspot, The Normandie Club...

...but I did get to walk through its secret door...

...and into the Walker Inn, its requisite speakeasy, where photos of anything but minute details are verboten. I'll be back soon, in the evening.

In the meantime, you can read my official Hotel Normandie profile on, which includes only one of the above photos, but lots more information.

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