September 02, 2015

Photo Essay: Cruisin' Glendale

When I heard about Glendale Cruise Night, I assumed it would entail a parade of cars heading down Brand Boulevard, in a parade of V8s and chrome and tailfins. After all, I'd witnessed similar events in Temecula, Escondido, San Bernardino, and Pigeon Forge, TN—spectators drag out their lawn chairs and sit on the side of the road, watching all the cars cruise by.

It turns out that in Glendale, it's more like a street festival—an opportunity to walk amongst the parked cars.

You can't look at 'em go, but you can get up real close to them and examine every detail, from the tires... the mirrors...

...wood paneling...

...and dashboard and steering wheel.

You can even examine the innards under the hood.

The cool thing about these sweet rides... that real people own them, and they drive them.

Many of them have overseen the restoration and customization of their cars...

...if not having done some of the work themselves.

And not all of the cars are in pristine condition, as they would be in a car museum.

While many of them are turtle waxed and Armor All-ed up, others show a bit of wear and tear—which makes me happy, because it means the cars are being driven, and not locked away in storage somewhere.

Come to mama.

It's not really a vintage event—it feels very much in the here-and-now.

I mean, do Cadillacs ever go out of style?

Will we ever tire of the Alex Theatre's neon marquee blazing out against the darkening night sky?

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