November 18, 2013

Photo Essay: The Wall of Toys at the Garden of Oz

There's a tiny garden, tucked away in Beachwood Canyon, that's so private, it's only opened up for local children and families.

Behind a yellow gate lie mosaic pathways...

...which the signs encourage visitors to see with their hearts (meaning, no taking photos).

But there's a whimsical part of it...

...that's visible from the street...

...a little gift to passersby.

The property owners want less publicity and not more, so it's hard to find any information about the garden's creator Ashely Boone, or the Garden of Oz itself.

So in lieu of any explanation or historical background or folk art analysis, I simply present to you the Garden of Oz's Wall of Toys:

Trust me, I tried to get inside the gates.

But some things you can only see from the outside.

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