November 18, 2013

Good, Just Good.

Sometimes something good happens...
...and you don't feel anything bad about it.
No premonitions or predictions,
no anticipations of an avalanche 
of hurt and disappointment.
You just let it happen.

It's just good. Not just good for now. Good.
And you're not used to good.
So although you know it's good... don't think it's real
and you wait to wake up,
you wait for someone to wake up,
because surely you're in someone's dream
if not your own.

And you wonder why it took so long to find something good,
wasting too much time on the comfortable bad,
waiting for something bad to become good...
...or at least be good enough 
usually isn't very good at all.
And bad doesn't ever get better.
But good sometimes becomes great.

I don't think I've ever been great. But I might, one day.

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