February 06, 2013

Photo Essay: E. Waldo Ward Gourmet Foods, Redux

While adventuring along Route 66 last weekend, we stopped at E. Waldo Ward & Son Ranch, known mainly for its rare citrus groves in the middle of a residential neighborhood in Sierra Madre, where they make jams, jellies and marmalades as well as other jarring, canning and bottling.

I'd been there once before on my own, but I didn't get to meet Jeff, the grandson who is carrying on the E. Waldo Ward legacy. This time, he took us on a quick tour of the place he calls home.

Although reportedly the best time to visit is when they're actually cooking, canning, and labeling...

...we did get to see a bit more activity this time...

...including witnessing some of the white labeling they now do for retail partners (like Bristol Farms) and even private clients, many of whom claim to have the best barbecue sauce recipe in the world.

Currently in R&D is some kind of fig concoction, whose recipe also requires brown sugar and honey.

E. Waldo Ward uses many ingredients grown on its own ranch - from tangerines to kumquats - but also imports various other fruits, berries, olives, and such to make their custom gourmet concoctions...

...many of which are pickled, pureed, marinated or macerated into various configurations.

I was happy to return for my jar of pickled kumquats this time, which was sold out last time.

Maybe one day I'll get to see a bit more activity along the 1950s era conveyor belts and other classic 20th century assembly line machinery.

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