February 14, 2013

On Valentine's Day

I've never had a boyfriend on Valentine's Day.
I've never gone on a date on Valentine's Day.

I've never given a gift on Valentine's Day.
I've never gotten the flowers, the chocolates, the valentines that are gifted on Valentine's Day.

I've kissed on Valentine's Day...

...but where are those lips now?

What do I have now?

I have to work on Valentine's Day.
I have to work on Valentine's Night.

I've got my pink dress.
I've got my red heels.

I'll have just enough time to catch the kitchen before it closes.
I'll have a drink or two.

I'll walk home without a valentine.
I'll sleep without a valentine.

I'll start another year without a valentine.

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1 comment:

  1. I love reading your blog! OK...the grass is NOT always greener! Here is MY Valentine synopsis: I have NEVER been SINGLE on Valentine's Day...or ever, really. Let me explain: childhood friends and crushes, teenage dates to Sweetheart dances, marry high school sweetheart at freaking 18!..married for 27 years but separated for the past 4...on the road to divorce but feeling guilty as hell...received flowers and cried(not from love but from feeling like such a heartless bitch who doesn't feel the love anymore). Just saying: single people who envy those with dates or spouses may not know the TRUE story...sometimes we are actually looking forward to possibly being single for Valentines Day next year. Don't know if that perspective helps, but I kind of envy YOU this year!