August 12, 2012

Photo Essay: Lost Horse Mine, Found

Instead of getting better, I'm getting famously bad at navigation, and its results are becoming more and more tragic (as evidenced by my recent trip to Big Bear which I'll be writing about soon).

Fortunately, usually the repercussions of me getting lost are minor: exhaustion, exasperation, extended hike duration, etc. The exasperation is the worst.

When I took the Lost Mine Loop in the wrong direction upon my return to Joshua Tree a couple weeks ago, I finally found the Lost Horse Mine, but got spooked by the presence of a half-dressed loner staring at me as I arrived there. I kept walking.

So today, I returned to the loop to get a closer look at the mine, taking the correct, short way this time - only two miles in and two miles out.

I got all the way up to the ruins of the mine, which, in its 40 years of operation up to 1936, produced over 9000 ounces of gold.

The main attraction is the original ten-stamp mill...

...which has been stabilized but its nevertheless surrounded by a fence because of its hazardous conditions.

There are also other remnants, like the crusher, various storage bins...

...stone-walled water reservoirs...

...and other bits and pieces of mechanics, hardware and materials.

I may not like to repeat myself, but that disdain is outweighed by my urges as a completionist. I'd rather do something twice in order to do it right than leave a portion of it unseen, a stone unturned...

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