June 07, 2012

Some Things Aren't Better Left Unsaid


You don't know whether your decision about something
is right
until you say it aloud.

And then when you start to finally speak your mind,

people finish your sentence for you,
anticipating what you're about to say,
and agreeing with you,
wondering what took you so long to utter the words.

Whether it's
"I love you"
"Hairspray makes my hair get dirty faster"
"I quit,"

the vindication doesn't come
until the thought is actualized
and acknowledged by those who have prognositicated the same exact thing.

I gave notice at my job last week,
and the curious thing is,
no one seemed all that surprised.

But although it was clear
to everyone
that I must move on,
what is in the vast unknown
to everyone
is what lies next
for me.

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  1. this is so Liberating! There is something Amazing in the feeling of quitting Full Time Job./ or Day Job/ Even Free Lance Job. Quitting is just so Liberating.
    Congrats on the decision. And beautiful poetry! Wow, this was a big surprise when I had read it before I went to my new "day job" at 4 AM today. and I almost did quit after this, but I didn't. I will wait 2 more months, being there 1 month is already way to long. People just should not waist their talent.