June 04, 2012

Photo Essay: San Gabriel Valley Gun Club, Abandoned

The overflow parking area of the Fish Creek trailhead at Vulcan Materials was once home to the San Gabriel Valley Gun Club—which was closed in 2007 after over 60 years in operation, in hopes of turning the property (which is owned by Vulcan and which borders government land) into something with a greater purpose, more befitting of the surrounding community's reputation (bordered by historic Duarte and Azusa).

But now, five years later...

...the remnants of the Gun Club still stand, graffitied, disintegrating...


The SGVGC was once the largest shooting range in Southern California.

And now, it stands in shambles.

All of the numbered stands have been dismantled.

A building whose tile floor still remains, though peeling, has been razed.

The air still smells of ammunition.

The arrows on the ground now point to nothing.

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  1. The Gun Club was a great place to go shooting. Well regulated and operated by concerned range masters. As the homes were built closer and closer the new reidents complained about the gun club much like people the move into the neighborhood by LAX. It was here first and you should have thought about the noise before you bought your overpriced home.

  2. It was where Sirhan Sirhan honed his skills to shoot Robert Kennedy! He also met his accomplisses there and they practiced together. Read the FBI files on the Merry Ferrell website.

  3. This used to be a really nice, well run range. We started shooting here in 1974. My high school buddies and I would go really early on a Saturday or Sunday morning and wake up the range master with our high power rifles. I shared time here the last time my Grandpa went shooting with me, He was a WW1 veteran and the noise really hurt his ears. A real shame the people in the new development near the canyon mouth whined their butts off to city hall until the council caved. Sixty years of safe shooting didn't mean a damn thing.

  4. I took an NRA hunter safety course there in 1956 in order to get my first hunting license. Then, believe this or don't. I took a bus from Pasadena to Long Beach with my Model 12 in a soft case and a box of shells in a brown paper bag; grabbed a Greyhound that dropped me off at my cousin's house on PCH in Sunset Beach where we hunted ducks on the tidelands that is now Huntington Harbor. Nobody on the bus even turned a head to look at the teen with the shotgun. Imagine how far you'd get today.

  5. I used to like to take kids down the protected side road at the rifle range, to the pits so they could hear the supersonic rounds flying overhead.